This. Is. Marketplace.

Marketplace is coming to West Virginia Public Radio! I first started listening to NPR in 1998 after moving away from the state. In every place I’ve lived since then (California, Florida, Ohio, Indiania, Louisiana, and Arizona), Marketplace, with its sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting coverage of financial news has been there.

But it’s never been in West Virginia Public Radio’s schedule, and that’s the only way to get NPR in Morgantown.

Until now. Even better, the World is going to 3-4 PM to free up space for Marketplace; I’ll lose an hour of classical music, but I’ll get an extra hour awesome NPR news coverage. I can always hook up my CD player or Treo for classical music in the car, but quality stories I had to wait until 4 PM to hear.

Not any more. Can’t wait, can’t wait…