Thun! Dar!

I submit to you that AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” is one of the rockingest music videos in the history of the world. From the Drumstick-Cam that starts it off, to Angus Young’s exhausting song-long riff to the literal wall of fist-pumping “Thun-der!”-shouting fans that surround the stage, this is a video that grabs you off the street, beats you up in a back alley, and leaves you, dazed and bleeding, wondering the last time such a smackdown was that awesome.

The Usefulness of Bad Economic Decisions

It appears that our economy was based on people making poor economic decisions (buying on credit, getting loans they couldn’t afford). We appear to be stuck; either people make bad decisions and screw up their personal financial situation, or they make good decisions and all the industries that benefit from bad decisions (which appears to be most of the economy) are wrecked.

It’s a sobering thought to consider that my relative frugality, if applied to everyone, would almost surely cause national economic meltdown. I wonder if someday the President will implore people to spend beyond their means, to please max out their credit cards as part of their patriotic duty…