On Being Ten, as a 33-Year Old

I think a part of each of us will always be ten years old. When I was ten, I’d look up at HealthNet’s BK-117 as it flew over Morgantown and say, “I’ve gotta do that.”

Last week, I landed on the roof of Ruby Memorial, Morgantown’s main hospital, as a HealthNet pilot.

Helicopter landing at hospital helipad

My personal 10 year old is pretty darned thrilled right now. :)

Warm Fuzzies

While I was waiting to pull into my parking space tonight, a woman who looked familiar but who I couldn’t quite place walked up to the car and (re)introduced herself to me. It turns out she was the mother of student I recently tutored. By way of jogging my memory, she said: “You saved my son’s life in trigonometry last year.” I don’t think I can even claim that from a year and a half of being an EMS helicopter pilot.

It’s a good day to be a Jonathan Mack.