Berlin trip images

Here are the pictures and videos I took from the Berlin portion of my 2013 Europe trip. Pictures are below; click on any of them to start a full-screen slideshow of all of them. Below them are the videos; click a video to start it.

As soon as I left the observation deck at Furnsehturm, the (unseasonably late) snow began.

The Ottobock Science Center Berlin, which specializes in prosthetics and orthopedics. I didn’t know that at the time; I just thought the architecture and light display was neat. :)

The Weltzeituhr (World Time Clock). The middle cylinder rotates (slowly) showing time vs. time zone. The upper spherical portion rotates too quickly to show location of the planets; perhaps it’s simply meant as Art.

An access tunnel leading to the Siegessäule. The light display was linked to motion sensors, so lights would follow you as you walked past the display. :)

On my last full day in Berlin I finally made it to the Siegessäule when its observation deck was open. This is a 360° panorama from that deck, looking out over the Tiergarten and the rest of the city.

A panorama at the Platz der Republic (Square of the Republic). At the start and end of the video is the Reichstag, which houses the Bundestag (German Parliament).