I very much enjoy tutoring math, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and technical writing, and have done so in various capacities since 1993. I'm interested in any part- or full-time tutoring opportunities compatible with living in the New York City area. The tutoring version of my resume is below; it can also be found here. My complete curriculum vitae is here.


(304) 685-0605 • jonmack3 at gmail dot com • http://www.jonathankmack.com


To obtain part- or full-time tutoring position(s) compatible with living in the New York City area.


(3.9 cumulative GPA in all classes)

  • Math: through differential equations/fourth-semester college calculus
  • Physics: through second-semester calculus-based college physics
  • Chemistry: through second-semester introductory college chemistry
  • Computer Science: through introduction to programming languages and data structures


Helicopter Pilot/Flight Instructor

8/01 - 10/05, 10/09 - Present

Safely transported passengers and cargo via helicopter, as well as instructed new helicopter pilots in flight and ground training subjects.

Various Employers

Various Locations

Private Tutor

4/05 - 11/10

Tutored high school and college students in math, physics, and chemistry.

Various Clients

Various Locations

CS101 Instructor/Computer Science Graduate Student

1/06 - 12/08

Responsible for lesson development, grading, and instruction for two sections of 48 students each in West Virginia University’s Introduction to Computer Applications class.

West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

Learning Coach (Math/Physics/Chemistry)

9/04 - 12/05

Tutored students high school- and college-level math, physics, and chemistry.

Estrella Mountain Community College

Avondale, AZ

Math/Physics/Chemistry Tutor

8/96 - 5/97

Tutored students one-on-one and in small groups in college-level math, physics and chemistry.

University of North Dakota Learning Center

Grand Forks, ND

Math/Physics/Chemistry Tutor

8/94 - 5/96, 8/97 - 5/98

Tutored students one-on-one in college-level math, physics and chemistry.

West Virginia University Learning Center

Morgantown, WV

Math Workshop Tutor/Assistant

8/93 - 5/94

Assisted in grading quizzes and exams, and tutored students, in the university’s pre-college algebra course.

West Virginia University Department of Mathematics

Morgantown, WV


Master of Science Computer Science

1/06 - 12/08

3.72 GPA

West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

Commercial Aviation/Mathematics Major

8/96 - 5/97

3.40 GPA

University of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND

Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering

8/93 - 5/96, 8/97 - 5/98

3.45 GPA, graduated cum laude

West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV