Update Log

  1. Added javascript.php, and reference to it in software.php
  1. All pages: grammar/readability edits
  2. software.php: extensive revision, added remainder of completed software projects
  1. Added quotes.php
  2. Revised and updated styles.css and all .php files
  1. Updated site to HTML5
  2. Added cv.php
  3. Name changes: coding.php to software.php, compsci.php to softwaredev.php, helopiloting.php to heloaviation.php
  4. software.php: HTML- and frame-related code now at files/html.html and files/frame/
  1. All pages: extension changed from .html to .php
  2. All pages: background/header/navmenu/footer redesigned, converted from static html to php
  3. Removed: quotes.html, forum.html, images.html
  4. All pages: dates now in yyyy/mm/dd format
  5. writings.php: all writings now appear at jonathankmack.com/blog
  6. Blog: header image updated
  7. coding.php: removed frame-related code
  8. updatelog.php: removed all hr's
  1. All /*.html files: dropdown menu for all pages in site
  2. All /*.html files: "Blog" link now redirects to WordPress blog
  3. All /*.html files: Text revised
  4. All /*.html files: "Home"/index.html link added
  1. All /*.html files: tabicon now favicon, now works in all browsers
  1. All /*.html files: background-image changed to gradient1.png, background-color to #eeeeee
  1. aboutme.html, aeroengr.html, compsci.html, helopiloting.html, tutoring.html: added content
  2. All /*.html files: added horizontal navigation menu
  3. All /*.html files: removed "Back to home" link
  4. styles.css: "text" is now an id instead of a class
  5. updatelog.html, blog.html: eliminated redundant "text" attributes
  1. All /*.html files: default font color now #555555
  2. All /*.html files: tabicon.gif updated
  3. All /*.html files: background now blue015.jpg
  4. All /*.html files: header backgrounds now page-specific
  5. images.html: lsass.exe error images removed
  6. index.html: page redesign to use css containers instead of tables for layout
  7. coding.html: references to codedump/Code Dump have been changed to coding
  8. All /*.html files: background now beige.jpg
  1. All /*.html files: content now floats above background
  2. All /*.html files: separate css classes for header/text
  3. codedump.html: containers example removed (duplicated in working css)
  4. All /*.html files: various changes to all margins and paddings
  1. All /*.html files: favicon.ico added
  2. codedump.html: container example added
  1. All /*.html files: backgrounds now implemented using CSS
  2. styles.css created
  3. codedump.hmtl: added insert, delete, bdo code
  4. codedump.html: added kbd and samp tags to preformatting section
  1. updatelog.html: non-code/design site changes noted blog.html only
  2. codedump.hmtl: added insert, delete, bdo code
  3. codedump.html: added kbd and samp tags to preformatting section
  1. All /*.html files: added meta keywords and description
  2. Added quotes to quotes section
  1. All /*.html files: added strict html doctypes
  2. All /*.html files: general tag and indenting cleanup
  3. All /*.html files: added appropriate attributes
  1. links.html: added Inverloch and The Phoenix Requiem
  2. index.html: added clickable image map
  3. codedump.html: added color target
  1. All pages: added page titles
  2. codedump.html: implemented nested ordered/unordered/definition list
  3. All pages: added backgrounds
  4. forum.html: added comment and user account creation forms
  5. frames.html, content.html, header.html, menu.html: moved to frames folder
  1. Ordered lists in updatelog.html now implemented in html
  2. Unordered list now used in writings.html
  3. Navigation pane in index.html now displays Blog link
  4. Contact info now appears in table cell in index.html
  5. Table borders deleted in index.html
  6. Began table in codedump.html
  1. Pictures now display correctly
  2. history.html changed to aboutme.html, all associated links updated
  3. Added navigation table to home page
  4. Added table code to codedump.html
  1. Frames page now works correctly
  2. Added picture to home page
  1. Other Stuff page removed, Awesomest moved to writings.html, codedump.html now linked directly from home page
  2. Update log broken out from blog.html, and placed in updatelog.html
  3. Added link to a frames version of the codedump.html (frames.html, header.html, menu.html, and content.html created)
  4. Home page updated to reflect new site design
  1. Added Quotes, Tutoring, and Writings pages
  2. Pappaw moved from Blog to Writing section
  3. Uncapitalized all .html file names
  1. Added Pappaw to Writings
  1. Added awesomest.html, blog.html, codedump.html, computerscience.html, forum.html, helicopterpiloting.html, history.html, images.html, links.html, and otherstuff.html
  2. Moved content to appropriate pages
  1. Site creation